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the ways in which artists and illustrators from around the world have reinterpreted the Arcanas according to their cultural. Stars, Fools and Lovers will contain an array of cards drawn from original and forgotten decks as well as creative reimaginings by contemporary artists. Laetitia Barbier herself a professional tarot reader and. Strange Attractor Press and the editor of its irregular Journal. The book will also present the thoughts of a variety of professional tarot readers about the pleasures and pitfalls of practical cartomancy.

The Morbid Anatomy Museum is now permanently closed.
Thanks to everyone for two and a half wonderful years!
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Biographies of the authors: Joanna Ebenstein is a Brooklyn-based artist, writer and the founder. Rider Waite Smith deck to Austin Osman Spare's recently discovered Major Arcana, as well as reinterpretations by contemporary artists. Along the way it has inspired seekers, occultists, artists, film makers, writers, pop stars and fashion designers - its influence can be seen in the work of the Surrealists as well as the TV series Twin Peaks. Since then, the seventy-eight card deck has become one of the most popular visual oracles of all time, and one of the most adaptable as well. We at Morbid Anatomy are delighted to announce a new project with our good friend. Awards range from a pre-order of the book to include signed, limited edition hardback versions of the book, tarot readings and classes, custom totes, and much more! Mirage Men (2010) and, far Out: 101 Strange Tales from Science's Outer Edge (2007). He is the author. He has written on music, art, film, cultural history and esoterica for publications including The Guardian, Frieze, Fortean Times, Boing Boing, The Wire, Sight and Sound, and has contributed to numerous anthologies. She is the editor. Death: A Graveside Companion (2017 author of, the Anatomical Venus (2016) and co-author of, walter Potter's Curious World of Taxidermy (2014).

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